About Us


My name is Quinn, owner of CODE AEON. 

CODE AEON was an idea that Naeyurie, Luciefel, and I came up with to pursue our passion for arts in all form, including digital art, traditional art, and handmade items. 

In the last 3 years, CODE AEON has grown tremendously thanks to the amazing artists who put forth time and effort to help us with our work and collection. We greatly appreciate each and every one of them.

Thank you for stopping by!

Quinn, 2024

Other Contributing Artists

☆ Gery Adrytia
☆ OranArt
☆ jenisealdana
☆ izzulakromi
☆ luyukari
☆ Farras
☆ tnknwrks

For information on upcoming products, please check out our social media!

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @codeaeonllc

If you need to contact us, please do so at contact@code-aeon.com